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28th Mar 2022

Time Blocking - Gain Control of Your Calendar - Chris Cotton

Time Blocking - Gain Control of Your Calendar - Chris Cotton

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  • Every day, we juggle competing demands on our time and, as a result, experience more chaos than clarity.
  • Luckily, there’s a solution: time blocking. This is a terminology change for me, I’ve always called it making appointments with myself but time blocking is the correct verbiage,
  • With time blocking, you can gain control of your calendar in order to focus on what truly matters to you and the business. Time blocking can help you align your attention with your intentions, so you always prioritize the right work at the right time. What is time blocking?
  • Time blocking is a time management strategy where you schedule out every part—and I mean every part—of your day. With time blocking, you’re effectively breaking the work week into bite-sized time slots where you check your email, work on projects, take a break, or even exercise.
  • Like most time management strategies, time blocking is a way for you to reclaim your day and get a better sense of where your time is actually going. By scheduling blocks of work, you can not only ensure you’re completing your important tasks, but also make sure you’re setting aside time for rest and self-care.

How time blocking works:

  • To create a time block, group like tasks and schedule a block of time to work on those tasks. There are two main fundamentals of time blocking:
  • Visually scheduling time blocks on your calendar, so your work can’t be interrupted or scheduled over.
  • Grouping like tasks into one concentrated block of time.

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