Episode 52

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21st Mar 2022

Raising the Bar - Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz

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I'm sure you've read articles about the importance of "culture" to shape the behaviors of your employees. One of my favorite descriptions of company culture is that it is "the invisible hand that shapes team behavior when there is no defined process or system to tell them what to do."

But understanding the concept of culture doesn't give you a nuts and bolts path to intentionally build it. Here are seven leadership habits that I've emphasized with my business coaching clients over the past decade.

1. Be on time, all the time.

2. Meet your own deadlines (and take responsibility for when you can't).

3. Clarify all action items and deliverables in writing at the end of every meeting.

4. Clearly state what you can't commit to so that you don't lower the accountability bar in your company by missing a "phantom deliverable."

5. "Close" the accountability loop.

6. Ask, don't immediately solve.--Coaching Opportunity!

7. Celebrate progress

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