Episode 49

Published on:

28th Feb 2022

Don't Just Celebrate Wins - Savor Them! [E049]

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Don't Just Celebrate Wins - Savor Them!

1) Reminds you of the goal you set and why you set it in the first place.

2) Reminds you that a good, focused goal-setting process works.

3) Motivates your team to continue delivering good work.

4) Unifies the team around a positive outcome.

5) Reminds the team that they work for a winning organization.

6) Forces you and your team to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative.

7) Builds momentum for you and your team.

8) Gets you away from mundane day-to-day tasks.

9) Allows you to connect with colleagues and co-workers in a way that is not just work-related.

10) Allows you to reward specific employees.

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