Episode 48

Published on:

21st Feb 2022

Repairing Your Repair Shop - Phase 3 [E048]

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  • If you haven’t listened to the other episodes in the series please go back and listen to Episode 39, Series overview, Episode 41 Phase 1, Episode 44 Phase 2
  • Are You happy with the shop you have?
  • What’s Next, expansion into multiple locations?
  • Exit Planning and Strategies
  • Developing Leaders, not managers
  • Making Employees comfortable
  • Identifying a potential owner in the business
  • Insurance in the business
  • Is your REd Envelope/Yellow Envelope done?
  • 529 Plans for your children, maybe one for your employees?
  • Profit-sharing plans
  • Retirement Planning, don’t depend on the sale of the business to fund your retirement.
  • Who holds who accountable, who is taking over for you?

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