Episode 46

Published on:

7th Feb 2022

Donations and Donation Programs [E046]

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1. Giving to others, making a statement—putting it out to the universe, we live in a world that is louder about negativity and quieter about positivity,

2. Our plan for the year—give monthly

3. Gift for January, H.E.A.T. Texas State Chapter

4. Others we’ve given to: https://ambucs.org/ , https://warriordogfoundation.org/ give to local needs, if you can’t give money give time.

5. 501c for Auto Repair Shops struggling from Natural Disasters

6. Helping others, Gary Vee, Giving without expectation, but donating time without expectations, Don’t join a non-profit board for the networking, do it to actually make a difference in someone's life, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do0gIzPa-f8

7. Donation program for business

Also, find an episode from Remarkable Results Radio speaking fo Joel Ayers from the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation Inc.


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