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31st Jan 2022

Rocket Fuel Chapters 4 - 7 Five Rules [E045]

Rocket Fuel Chapters 4 - 7 Five Rules

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CHAPTER 4: THE ACCOUNTABILITY CHART The Accountability Chart is a supercharged organizational chart that forces you to be intentionally proactive about your structure, rather than reactively adapting a structure to fit your current people.

CHAPTER 5: THE 5 RULES You need absolute core alignment in your Visionary/Integrator relationship to harness the power of the unique combination.

RULE #1: Stay on the Same Page. This is accomplished through the Same Page Meeting.

RULE #2: No End Runs. It’s essential for the Visionary or the Integrator to not impede the effectiveness of the other.

RULE #3: The Integrator is the Tie Breaker. The basic rule of thumb is that the Sales Leader owns decisions on Sales issues, the Operations Leader owns Operations issues, and so on.

RULE #4: You Are an Employee When Working “in” the Business. If you are a Visionary or an Integrator and also an Owner, you must recognize that your role as an “Owner” is very different from your role as an “Employee.”

RULE #5: Maintain Mutual Respect. As a dynamic Visionary/Integrator duo, you must truly respect each other.

CHAPTER 6: FINDING EACH OTHER Choosing an Integrator entails hard work and takes time. Before you begin this important search process, you must make sure you are ready to commit.

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