Episode 43

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17th Jan 2022

Challenge - Give Great Phone [E043]

Does everyone remember the receptionist on ghostbusters?

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When I started thinking about this episode I went back to an old slide deck that I put together and I want to share some random bullet points from it:

1. What I see most often in small businesses is that we rush to hire and then fail to follow up with employee training.

2. We put new hires on the phone not knowing if they know how they talk to customers. Why aren’t we following up on what the new hires say to the customers?

3. By not praising and rewarding them on what they did right we are teaching and training them poor customer service. Your employees don’t know what they don’t know!

4. Locate and identify small problems before they become bad habits

Identify training and operational weaknesses

Identify opportunities to serve customers more effectively than the competition

5. Link incentives to performance—don’t punish people for doing things wrong, you coach them through that part of things, reward them for doing right.

Great ways to identify this is by Mystery Shopping and Auditing phone calls. https://bit.ly/3ze561S

The only thing that separates your business from others is customer service, that type of service doesn’t happen by accident. Train yourself and your employees to excel and the results will amaze you!

Steps for Giving Great Phone:

1. When you hire, make role playing the phone part of your hiring process.

2. On the employees first day give them the script for answering the phone and then have them practice it.

3. Then only have them answer the phone for an amount of time and do nothing else! A lot of times we just put people in their seats and say here's the phone, the pos good luck and then we get upset because they don’t know how we want them to do it, because we never told them….

4. Next we present them with the other scripts and practice, then start letting them work with customers in that way, all the while, recording, coaching, and rewarding them doing the right things.

5. One last thing, when you go through the role play on how to greet a customer, have them pretend it’s their long lost buddy from high school, great big smile, the feeling should be how the hell you've been and I can’t believe I’m seeing you now…………Your job should be fun, make it fun for the customer and the employee and you will be blessed in so many ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Shout out to New Zealand!

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