Episode 42

Published on:

10th Jan 2022

Rocket Fuel Chapters 1 - 3 - Visionary and Integrator [E042]

Chapter 1-The Visionary

If you are a visionary you are entrepreneurial, a creator, and most likely you founded your company. You are an Idea generator, You have lots of ideas. As an idea generator, you probably have 10 new ideas per week and sometimes maybe 10 per day. Many of them might not be good and or not fit with the company’s focus, some might even be dangerous but in the end, some are absolutely brilliant! Those few great ideas keep the business growing and as the person that has/creates those ideas you are priceless to the business!

Chapter 2- The Integrator

Integrator is one who integrates, they harmoniously unite the major functions of a business, they are the conductor and keep the train running on time, they also create focus, accountability, and alignment.

An Integrator’s role and skills are unique, they are the glue and the visionary’s right hand, they beat the drum and make sure everything gets accomplished they are referred to as the inside man or inside woman. Do you have an integrator in your organization? Are you the Integrator?

Chapter 3- The Relationship

The 2 roles are a complementary force coming together to form a system where the whole is greater than the parts, one without the other is doomed, together they create and the interaction evolves and they transform each other via complement, I want you to think of a rope with two twisted strands.

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