Episode 86

Published on:

14th Nov 2022

Year End Tasks! Looking Forward to 2023! [E086]

It’s time to reflect on how this past year went; what did you accomplish? What fell through the cracks and why.

After you’ve done that, It’s time to think about what you want to accomplish in 2023 and set things in motion to ensure you achieve those things.

Also, time to think about year-end evaluations for all staff members.

Are there people that don’t need to be on your staff? If so, don't carry those people into the new year. Also, don’t be afraid to let those people go now. It’s not ok to keep them on the payroll just because you feel bad about letting them go “during the holidays”

Also, when was the last time you did a labor rate analysis? When was the last time you raised your labor rate and adjusted it and your parts matrix for inflation?

Also, time to evaluate Job Descriptions/Employee Handbooks/Training Programs etc….

Tax Planning---Have you been talking with your accountant all year and or been making quarterly payments on your taxes? If not, do you have money set aside to pay your taxes?

Next, let’s talk about Compliance and give you a checklist of things to do for your business at the end of the year.

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