Episode 155

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11th Mar 2024

Mindset Matters - The Ripple Effect in YOUR Auto Repair Shop [E155]

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In this episode, Coach Chris Cotton from Auto Fix Auto Shop Coaching addresses auto repair business owners, focusing on revitalizing February's sluggish pace. He emphasizes the power of a goal-oriented mindset, offering actionable advice on setting objectives and adopting proactive strategies. Cotton's insights aim to help listeners transform typically slow periods into opportunities for profit and success, underscoring the significance of attitude and planning in business.

The importance of mindset (00:00:04) Discussion on the significance of a goal-driven mindset to turn February around for auto repair business owners.

Challenging the negative mindset (00:02:23) Encouraging shop owners to shift from a negative mindset about February and its impact on business performance.

Analyzing February sales data (00:04:30) Reviewing sales data from February and questioning the mindset of shop owners who did not experience significant growth.

Preparing for slow periods (00:08:05) Emphasizing the importance of long-term planning and preparation for slow months, such as February, to achieve success.

Overcoming negative mindset trap (00:09:07) Discussing the negative mindset trap and how it affects the performance and attitude of the team.

Adopting a positive mindset (00:10:16) Exploring the power of a positive mindset and proactive approach to transform slow periods into successful and profitable times.

Setting ambitious goals (00:11:11) Encouraging shop owners to set ambitious but achievable goals and involve the team in brainstorming strategies to attract more business.

Reinforcing the impact of mindset and goals (00:13:20) Highlighting the impact of mindset and goal setting on team performance and attitude, and its role in breaking the cycle of slow periods.

Driving the shop to new heights (00:15:34) Empowering shop owners to use their mindset and leadership to transform challenges into opportunities and drive their shop to new heights.

Coach Chris Cotton', '00:02:23', "I heard it like, 'Oh woe is me, February sucks, January sucks, it's always going to suck and there's nothing we can do about it.'" 'Coach Chris Cotton', '00:03:24', "If you tell all the employees, 'Hey, this is going to be the best month ever,' and you put your efforts towards that, then guess what? It will be the best month ever." 'Coach Chris Cotton', '00:09:07', "What would $25,000 have done for your shop? What would $50,000 have done for your shop in January, February, March moving forward?"

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