Episode 147

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15th Jan 2024

Unleashing Your Auto Repair Shops Potential: What Was Your Facility Designed to Produce? [E147]

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In this podcast episode, Chris Cotton from Auto Fix Auto Shop Coaching explores facility productivity in auto repair shops. He discusses the potential and actual productivity of facilities, using a Midwest shop with six bays and a southeastern shop with 24 bays as case studies. Cotton emphasizes the importance of maximizing current facility productivity before expanding. He suggests that many shops operate at only a fraction of their potential and offers insights on increasing technician efficiency and optimizing bay usage to enhance profitability.

  • The facility's productivity (00:01:07) Chris discusses the importance of understanding what your facility is capable of and how to measure its productivity.
  • Case Study 1: Midwest Shop (00:05:25) Chris presents a case study of a shop in the Midwest, analyzing its potential sales capacity and current productivity.
  • Case Study 2: Southeast Shop (00:11:34) Chris discusses a case study of a shop in the southeast United States, examining its potential sales capacity and current productivity.
  • Improving facility productivity (00:13:40) Chris provides insights into improving facility productivity through better utilization of bays and technicians, and the importance of processes and procedures.

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