Episode 113

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22nd May 2023

Are You Coachable? From Resistance to Growth: The Coachability Spectrum [E113]

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In this podcast episode, Coach Chris Cotton discusses the topic of coachability and what it means to be coachable. He explains that coachability can be thought of as a spectrum, ranging from highly resistant to change to being very receptive and proactive about growth. The guest speaker discusses signs that someone is coachable and signs that someone is not coachable. He emphasizes the importance of a strong coach-client relationship and the willingness to receive feedback and make changes.

Signs of Coachability [00:01:52] Coach Chris discusses the spectrum of coachability and provides questions to determine if someone is ready for coaching.

Signs of a Coachable Person [00:03:56] Speaker 1 discusses the characteristics of a coachable person, including being growth-oriented, willing to be vulnerable, and open to change.

Signs of an Uncoachable Person [00:08:01] Speaker 1 discusses the characteristics of an uncoachable person, including lacking self-awareness, not holding themselves accountable, and not thinking long-term.

Signs of an Uncoachable Person [00:09:12] Fixed mindset, lack of interest in growth, lack of emotional intelligence, inability to admit when wrong, lack of humility, unrealistic goals, unwillingness to experiment with new behaviors.

The 80/20 Rule of Coachability [00:15:28] 20% of clients are easily coachable, 30% are resistant but willing to change, 30% require more convincing, and 20% are unresponsive and disengage from coaching.

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