Episode 84

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31st Oct 2022

Pride of Ownership, Building Company Pride [E084]

What exactly does the term ownership really say to us when we see it describe a house that's currently on the market and being sold? Well, to me, it means that the individuals living there had been proud to have been home owners and once you see the house, you'll realize how proud they really were.

So, when someone says that a house shows "pride in ownership," we know that the homeowner has taken great care to maintain their house. Such as making sure that things are fixed as soon as they break, as opposed to years later when everything has begun to fall apart.

1. Satisfaction And Engagement

2. Satisfaction With Leaders:

3. A General Sense Of Fairness In The Organization

4. The Organization Is A Good Corporate Citizen:

5. Career Success, Growth And Development:

Having a strong sense of pride in the organization you work for may seem trivial, but it can do much to impact bottom-line results. Proud employees are less likely to quit, more likely to recommend the organization as a good place to work, and often do an excellent job of marketing company products to others. You’ll also be hearing a lot less of the infamous and telling statement, “It’s not in my job description.”

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