Episode 69

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18th Jul 2022

Production Apprentice Program for Auto Shops [E069]

Production Apprentice Program for Auto Shops

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Why a Production Apprentice….

1. We have to start somewhere and change the stigma etc….of just a lube tech

2. We have to get these folks in a production mindset

3. We have to make sure that our current producers are producing and the best way to do that is to eliminate the stops and starts that make them unproductive.

4. One of the top two reasons why people leave when asked on exit interviews is because they didn’t receive the training they thought they were going to get or they didn’t understand what their future looked like.

Production Apprentice Daily Tasks:

  • Make sure that everyone is set up for success every day.
  • Walk in with a positive Can-Do attitude! We have no place for Can’t-Do’s in our business.
  • Make sure to pull out all vehicles not needed in the shop.
  • Make sure that your area is cleaned and ready to go.
  • Check-in with the supervisor to see what is pressing and important and what direction you should move first. What is your daily schedule?
  • Check with the supervisor for the To Do List for the day.
  • To end the day make sure the shop is clean and ready for the following day.
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