Episode 62

Published on:

30th May 2022

Are You Coachable?

Are You Coachable

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8 Point Check on Your Coachability . . Which of these are true and to what extent?

1. I usually allow my manager and others to complete their sentences before responding.

2. When I’m given feedback/ criticism, I usually think about it before responding, waiting

just a bit.

3. When I’m given feedback/ criticism, I rarely find myself defending a position or action immediately.

4. When I’m given feedback/ criticism, I ask questions about it in order to try to better

understand it. (A good sign.)

5. I feel my work’s purpose is to serve my external customers.

6. I feel my work’s purpose is to serve my internal customers (managers, colleagues, other


7. I’ve changed/ revised my position/ approach because of the advice of another individual.

8. My manager invests time in my professional development (If s/he doesn’t, it might be

because of a perception that you’re uncoachable).

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