Episode 59

Published on:

9th May 2022

Pet Peeves from Coach Chris Cotton

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1. Dirty Parking Lot, Weeds, No Striping, where do your employees, trash can??

2. Lighting and signage

3. Building needs painted, updated, benches, signage for after hours drop off etc…

4. Windows washed, door clean, no handprints

5. Information on the door correct (google my business information correct)

6. Contact us…………

7. Bathroom, public, clean, if you have a specific one for ladies do they have a place to hang up a purse and coat.

8. Stand up when people come into the business, for crying out loud look up and acknowledge the people

9. Telephone on hold…………ask and then wait for an answer.

10. Waiting area nice and neat, wifi code correct and noticeable

11. No nasty signs: short staffed signs…stop,

12. Smile be nice………..

13. A shop environment that your daughter/wife/mother would go into and feel comfortable

Coach Chris Cotton

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